What is Nobigdeal.my?

We are a Promotion Voucher and Cashback website, that helps consumers to Save and get Cashback on their daily spending while maintaining their lifestyle.


How it works?

We have gathered the best deals and discounts from our Offline Merchants (Retails) and Online Merchants, so that consumers can enjoy discounts to the maximum. On top of that, we also shared our commission with consumers in a Cashback form.


Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we will be launching our mobile app sometime in 2017 to serve you better.



How do I use Nobigdeal promotion voucher?

  1. Register an account with www.nobigdeal.my
  2. Search for the merchants you are interested in.
  3. Select the merchant and Save the promotion voucher from the merchant you are going to visit.
  4. A notification email will be send to you and an e-voucher will be save into your ‘Dashboard’.
  5. Login to www.nobigdeal.my and go to ‘My Vouchers’ to look for your e-voucher.
  6. Upon arrival, inform merchant your redemption of e-voucher from your mobile.
  7. During payment, please allow merchant to key in the ‘Amount Spend’ and ‘Password’ from your mobile for verification. (Please make sure the ‘Amount Spend’ is key in correctly).
  8. Once verification go through, a reward points will be added into your account.


Do I have to pay for the voucher?

No, the voucher is free of charge.


Who do I make payment to?

We do not collect any payment. Payment is make directly to merchant during your visit.


How many E-voucher can I use?

It’s unlimited! You can use as many as you want, unless it is stated ‘Valid only once per customer’.


Can I exchange the voucher into cash?

No, the voucher cannot be exchange into cash.


How if the E-voucher cannot be verify?

Then show the merchant the E-voucher or the notification email for their record purpose. Please keep your receipt and email to us for your reward points.


How does the reward’s program work?

There are 2 sets of points in our system 1) Offline Points and 2) Online Points. When you use an E-voucher from our Offline Merchant (Retail), you will be rewarded with ‘Offline Points’. You can then redeem the points with Cashback.

RM1 = 1 point


Is there an expiry date on the reward points?

No, our reward points are evergreen.


How do I redeem my Offline Points?

For Offline Points, the redemption can only be made sometime in 2017. An announcement will be made to inform you by then. However, you can start accumulating your reward points today by using the E-voucher at any of our merchants.



How do I qualify for Cashback?

Cashback can only be qualify when a purchase is made through the link provided from the page for online merchants.


How long does it take to credit my Cashback into my Nobigdeal account?

We will take up to 48 hours to process and credit your Cashback into your Nobigdeal account. As for travel (hotels, holiday package and flight booking), Cashback may take up to 60 days after travel has been completed.

We reserves the right to cancel or delay the Cashback process if there is any cancellation, refund, policies changes or delay of commission payments from our partner store.


Why is my Cashback with Nobigdeal account is in points? How do I convert it into Cashback?

We will credit your Cashback in points form. To convert it into Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), you just need to multiple with 1%.

For E.g.,

Spend Online – RM1000

Cashback        – 10%

Points Get       – 10000 or RM100

* Every 100 points = RM1


Cashback Details

  1. Offline Points       = Points earned from Offline Merchants (Retail Shop).
  2. Online Points       = Points earned from Online Merchants.
  3. Bonus Points        = Points earned on special events.
  4. Pending Points     = Points earned but still not cleared by our Merchant Partners, especially for hotels booking, flights and travel packages.
  5. Rejected Points    = Points being rejected due to cancelation/ refund of products and services.
  6. Redeemable         = Points that is allow to redeem into Cashback.
  7. Cashback              = Cashback payout.


Why is there a discrepancy on my Cashback?

It is all depends on the currency use during your purchase on our merchant partners site. If a foreign currency is used, then most probably there will have a small discrepancy on your Cashback due to the fluctuation on conversion rate.


Why was my purchased not tracked by the system?

  1. Probably you used common link instead of Nobigdeal affiliate link at your ad space.
  2. A user installed an extension or antivirus software that blocks affiliate links (e.g. Adblock).
  3. Technicals problems on the advertiser’s side. In this case we will send a notification to your email. After the advertiser fixes the problems, all actions will appear in the statistics.
  4. There are some delays in the statistics. Usually an order appears in the statistics within 5-7 minutes.
  5. In the days of big sales or holidays, the delay time may increase. We notify our publishers about all such cases by mailing. Do not worry, as soon as the system load goes down, all orders will be uploaded in the system.
  6. JavaScript in the user’s browser is disabled or works incorrectly (for example, if the browser version is too old). In this case tracking code may not work and information about the action will not be transerred to our merchant partner system.
  7. You installed third-party scripts on your ad space (social buttons, commenting systems) that block or change affiliate links.


How do I redeem my Cashback?

You can redeem your points as soon as you have accumulated 1000 points (RM10) in your Nobigdeal account.

Just fill up the ‘Contact Us’ form or email us at info@nobigdeal.my with the title ‘Points Redemption’. Please provide us the following details:

  1. User Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Points to redeem



  1. We will take up to 7 working days to bank-in your Cashback into your bank account.
  2. Please make sure you fill in the bank’s details from ‘My Profile’.